“How is this one different than the last one?” I asked

“Sir, this is of 110 grade the previous one was 120 “The salesman replied.

There were like six or seven reels of clothing all of which were shades of grey. The only difference that I could recognise was the different price tags that were clinging on each of them. I was helping a friend to select material for his wedding suit.

After a gruelling session of browsing through different shades of grey and finally selecting one after various rounds of mix and match, inspecting under daylight, then under artificial light and looking at the sales girl in between, finally my friend had his match.

We got out of the Raymonds Showroom and dissolved into the Saturday crowd at Connaught Place, CP as the Delhi’ites call it. My friend was walking a pace in front and I followed him till he stopped in front of a ciggarate vendor. He was soon into his second ciggarate and I felt the trauma of spending Thirty thousand Bucks just for two pieces of cloth was finally getting off from his head.

CP is one such place which gives you the impression that you are part of something luxurious. With all the glittery glossy shops waiting for people to just walk in and splash the cash. You will find outlets of each and every foreign brands of clothing, food chains, bars and almost everything you need to be happy, dwelling in the beautifully constructed buildings.

I was sitting on a concrete bench around the sidewalks and observing the life around me while waiting for my friend to complete his ciggarate. There were lot of people mostly of young age and elder people very few and far in between. There were romantic couples, groups of friends and lonely guys who were absorbing the luxury vibe around the place.

I was making my mind about the next bourgeois I was going to make a little extra rich while my eye fell on a book vendor who was talking to a small boy. He had a small cart with books that mostly belonged to religious and Philosophical taste. I was wondering why a man would sell books of that genre in a place like this when my eyes located a door next to him which was painted in green and had some verses in Urdu written on it. There was a board on top of all that which read ‘Moti Masjid’.

I have never located that masjid in my previous visits and I never realized people used to come to CP to seek god. When a vast majority of people visited the place to accumulate materialistic wealth, there were some who went for spiritual wealth or maybe it was a place to wash away the sins accumulated due to the materialistic gains that were recently made in that surrounding.

The small boy who was talking to the book vender had two small polythene bags in his hands. He seemed to be about 3 years old was wearing torn clothes. The book vender was smiling profusely during the conversation and it seemed like he was the only one who was not offended by the presence of that boy. The boy who was not ashamed of wearing such meagre clothes where others where sporting branded clothes and entering food chains, Clothe stores and other places which would allow them to spend so as to feel part of the rich and luxurious world.

After a few minutes of talking to the boy, the book vender took the polythene bag from his hand and went inside the Masjid. I was wondering what the conversation all about was and before long he came out with the polythene bags which was filled with water now. The boy took it from the book vendor and as if accomplishing some great achievement turned around with a smile for the book vender and started walking in the other direction.

My eyes were only tracking the boy now and other people at CP didn’t existed for me. He slowly made his way past all the crowd and stopped beside a lady who was sitting on the pavement with her merchandise spread out in front of her. She took the packet of water from the boy, tore it open and drank from it and handed back the packet with some water left in it. The boy took it from her and drank the rest. His eyes were glowing with pride for accomplishing something for his mother. Nothing mattered for him, the people and the place but to serve his mother and make her happy, it felt as if an aura of happiness was spreading around him.

There were people walking close to them who were sipping from cups with all sorts of fancy labels on them but at that moment I felt pity for all those who were around, People who had come there in search of happiness. They felt very small.


To begin with, getting to here was a struggle. After landing at Dehradun on a chilly late evening during the first days of January, I was advised not to travel at night because of the treacherous and unpredictable mountain routes that will lead to Pauri Garwal. When I resumed my journey the next day I felt as if my decision to listen to the advices were vindicated.

The place is at a distance of about a hundred kilometres from Rishikesh, but the curvy up and down routes of the Himalayas made it a 3 and a half hour climb.

En route to the destination, all I was hearing was the challenges of living in this place. You won’t find any buses after midday from Rishikesh to Pauri and the other way around. If you are lucky enough, you might find private share taxis after that time. The mobile networks were expected to be low.

After completing the formalities of joining, I took out my Mobile phone to make some calls. I was happy to find that both the SIMs in my phone was showing ample connectivity. Albeit the nation was enjoying the technological booms with the 4G and 5G spectrums, the data connectivity in the place seemed to be prehistoric.

The first week of my stay was horrible. Adjusting to the food was difficult, the temperatures were sub-zero at night. The life in the hills froze after 7 p.m., you won’t be finding many people on the roads after that.

The initial struggles and doubts of living in the middle of nowhere was short-lived. Once I started to embrace Pauri, The little hill-top town started to open up its arms of perpetual beauty.


Being at an elevation of about 2000 metres above sea level, you can sometimes find the clouds floating around you when it rains in the valleys beneath you. It will seem as if your childhood wishes to live among the clouds have been answered.


The mornings are so wrapped up in natural beauty. The canvas get stroked by lines of orange and red before the sun gets out from hiding behind the mountains. The sun shakes up the entire mountains from their deep sleep and sets it out into motion. The people and their cattle, the shops and the vendors start their daily routines as if switched on by the sun.

Wherever you look, you are greeted by the snow peaked mountain ranges that sparkles with sunlight. It seems as if the humongous mountains are smiling at you. The pine trees and the dark green plants around you gives more beauty to the landscape which was already overflowing with natural beauty.


The view of the city from a distance is so picturesque. The beautiful buildings which are painted in different colours and that has been arranged so artistically on the slopes of the mountains is a sight in itself. It seems like portrait of some painter who has purposefully used all the colours in his canvas.


The place seems to be hidden from the eyes of large sections of tourists and is an untouched gem in the lap of the Himalayas. The more prominent and important tourist places that are around the place might be a reason that Pauri is listed less on traveller routes. The pilgrimage to an ancient temple is the most important thing that attracts people to this place when devotees visits the shrine of Khandolya Thakur during the months of April and May.


Living in such a place was one of the things in my bucketlist . I never knew that it would turn out to be such an unimaginable experience. Away from the maddening crowd and the pollution debacle, life in Pauri will be a solace to the soul.

SPhotoEditor-20180326_175719when the heavens were opening its doors over the himalayas



To start with, this is not a story and it’s not a travelogue either. You can call it a travel experience if you want. Travels always helps you gain lot of information and it also helps you to meet different kinds of people. Sometimes you may get good friends during such trips and sometimes it will be people whom you wish you wouldn’t have met. Some people even find their life partners in such trips. This particular bit is not about any such kind of a person. It’s about a man whom I met during my journey from Kannur to Bengaluru.


It was 7.30 in the morning, the bus was about to leave the bus station. I was checking the air condition vent and my pushback seat. After resting in a comfortable position in my seat, I glanced at the other passengers and I noticed that the seat beside me was vacant. Once the bus departed the station and made its way to the next boarding point, I was praying like every other single guy of my age that some good looking girl will board at the next point and will occupy the seat beside mine. As the bus reached the next pick up point my eyes fell on a tall slender girl who was about to board the bus. But as usual my prayers went unanswered as the seat was occupied by a middle aged man.

I felt it to be a blow to my entire trip. I stared at the man with lot of fury in my mind as if he had taken something away from me. I studied the man, he seemed to be into his fifties but there was certain sharpness in his gaze, posture and his gestures that you could easily misinterpret his original age. He noticed that I was studying him and turned towards me and smiled, and I returned a polite smile. There was an outline of silver hairs around his head, he was sporting a thick moustache and he was wearing an old fashioned glass. I returned to staring back at the outside world and stayed back on my seat.

Once the bus started moving He took out the news paper and started browsing through the pages. I didn’t show any interest until he reached the sports page. When I started to take a look at the images of the IPL final that took place the previous day, He saw it and commented looking at me “so you too are only interested in the sports page, typical new generation youth”. I didn’t like the comment so I replied in kind of stern voice to show my discontent. I said “unfortunately I too belong to the so called new generation youth”. I returned to the book I was reading and we didn’t talk for some time after that.

After a small nap I had some snacks and refilled myself when the bus stopped for refreshments. After filling myself I made my way towards my seat and he was sitting there. I decided to make acquaintance with him. We started talking; the usual get to know kind of stuff. When I told him I was studying at Roorkee and the place was about an hour from Haridwar, he asked me whether I have been to that place. I said that I went there more than once. He smiled and said “oh! That’s great”.

He then asked “Do you believe in god”

I was surprised by the directness of the question and after some thought I replied “well I am a bit agnostic”.

He smiled and said “so you don’t believe in him”.

I replied “No, I am not an atheist; I said I believe that the existence of god cannot be proved, but I will never say that he doesn’t exist. I have my beliefs and faith”

He seemed to be surprised by the answer that I gave; maybe he wasn’t expecting an answer of that kind from somebody of my age. Thanks to some recent articles on this topic that I had read.

He nodded and smiled at me. He then asked”Do you believe in religion?”

I said “well everyone is forced to believe in the religion that one is born into”

He said “well!! Your answers are not typical”. He smiled and continued” now tell me do you know how many religions exist in this world”.

I replied “I am afraid I don’t know”.

He continued “there might be a thousand religions and if we count the total number of gods it might outnumber the entire human population. If we try to find out the no. of gods per person it will be like, each person will be having more than one god of his own”.

He asked “do you know what different religions try to teach, or do you have any idea about what is the significance of it?”

Now this was starting to get a bit boring, I wanted him to stop as I wasn’t much interested in the topic. Maybe we should have talked about something interesting, something like sports or films. But I couldn’t ask him to stop. I didn’t want to act rude to a person of my father’s age.

I replied “I am afraid I haven’t followed any religious texts, so I don’t have much idea”.

He sighed and started again

“Well everything is a way of life; every religion teaches us how to live life in the best possible way, let’s take some examples.

The Hindu religion is the one which is closely related to nature and it depicts how we should live in harmony with nature. This is mainly because the religion evolved and the relics were written at a time when men were largely depended on nature. And if we analyse some of the things related to the religion it might feel that there are no scientific base for some of the things as most of the things related to the religion comes from a prehistoric period.

Now let’s take Christianity, Do you know why the religion flourished? It’s because this is the religion which is closer to the modern man and this was because the religion and its relics come from a more modern age. The relics are also being edited once something written earlier was proved wrong.

Islam also preaches a different way of living and it does so with having more control over your mind and body.

The thing is that all the religion preaches the same things but they ask you to attain the better life in different ways. The ways which were thought to be the best possible ways when the religions were moulded or it came into existence.

There are some other religions which preach to relieve yourself from doing many things and ask you to follow an exact path and not deviate from it or not to try something which is considered not appropriate. I don’t think that’s the way things are supposed to be. God has created everything and if he didn’t wanted such things to happen may be he might have made dummies in place of humans at the first place.

If someone comes up with an ultra modern religion and a god to go with it , And we feel like he can lift us from our sins and give us a better future, I don’t doubt that there will be a lot of people following it.”

He stopped and looked at me

I was amazed at the way he had put the idea of religion in front of me. I have never in my life felt more inclined towards my religion. There were a lot of ideas to take for one day. I looked at him, and returned a passive smile. I couldn’t swallow everything that he talked. I was starting to feel respect for that man and I was waiting for the next thoughts that would come out of his mouth.

“Do you believe in miracles?” this was the next question that he tossed in front of me.

I replied “I have heard about such things, but I haven’t been part of a miracle, so I cannot comment much about that either”.

He said “well! In that case, I would say I am lucky to be part of one”.

“Oh! That’s great” I exclaimed.

“The miracle called my daughter” he said smilingly.

I replied with a nod “sounds like a great story”.

He started speaking again “well to start with she came to this world at the expense of my wife. And after that it was like we both had only each other. I loved her very much and it felt like she was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life. At the age of 10, she was taken away from me. She was taken by a disease which had a chance of happening in one in a million children. It was as if the disease had miraculously chosen my child”.

I was like ‘wait! Wait! What??’

Ever since I had started hearing the word miracle, it was always associated with something good, something having a happy ending. And here sits a man besides me who refers the death of his child as a miracle, maybe he got the meaning of the word wrong altogether.

After a small pause he continued “do you remember the person about whom we were talking a bit earlier, the guy called god, he is said to act in his own ways. That particular incident changed every aspect of my life and everything I have done after that has made me a better person. My wife and child would have been proud of what I have done in my life if they were alive”

I was left in a limbo, I wanted to know more about his story but somewhere down my heart I was getting a bit worried about the man sitting next to me. The things that he was talking seemed to be a bit different from what a normal person would’ve said. Either he is a great guy or he is out of his wits. I was afraid if it was the later scenario and I decided to leave him alone in his thoughts. We were almost near the outskirts of Bengaluru city, so it was just a matter of time until we said our goodbyes.

At last the bus reached Bengaluru satellite station and everyone was getting ready to leave and so was the man sitting next to me.

I asked him, “Now tell me, do you believe in god?”

He replied” Well! I think I am god”

I almost shouted out “WHAT??”

With a polite smile in his face he replied “yes, for some 40 children I am like god”

I was starting to feel sceptical of this man. What was he talking about?

He replied “I run an NGO in my daughter’s name for orphan children and there are 40 inhabitants. I protect them, help them, look after them, punish them for their mistakes and love them so deeply. Isn’t this the things that god is supposed to do?”

He just winked at me and waved to say bye, turned and left.

Now there was a new found respect for that man and he surely was godlike..

A person’s greatness lies in the things he does. When you help someone you are becoming godlike in their eyes. Even if god exists or not, you can let people believe in his existence by being a god by yourself.


It was yet another HEC trek and as usual the expectations were high. There was visible enthusiasm on everyone’s face and everyone was gearing up for the task in front of us. We left on the night of October the 1st and embarked upon a 300 km journey in two vehicles, there were 16 of us. The journey nearly took 12 hrs to reach near Buxar. We took some stops in between so that the driver could rest and to fill up our stomachs.

As we were about an hours journey from Buxar our trip was halted by an unexpected circumstance. Due to a slight landslide our entry into a bridge was blocked and another vehicle had to be arranged on the other side of the bridge. We had to carry our backpacks and with the agility and balance of a tight rope walker, we had to move through a narrow section over a wooden plank with our heart in our mouth and nothing but the river below us.

Everything which went dragging suddenly shifted on to top gear once we got into the next vehicle. All the 16 of us were made to travel in a single truck with a lucky 2 or 3 making it besides the driver and the rest made to stand on the back of that open truck. But once the journey began the luck seemed to have shifted in our favour.


It was one of the best ride in my entir life. the road was very narrow and we could see what lay beneath us if the driver made a slight error in judging a curve or overshooting the brakes. There were bottomless cliffs on our sides, cold breeze kissing our cheeks and wind on our sails. The initial fear and prayers gave way to chatter, laughter, blithe and cheerfull screams. We didn’t forget to pose for a selfie on the back of that truck, thanks to the selfie stick someone brought with him.

Nightfall was already upon us once we reached the point where we had to start our trek to the base camp and when someone asked if everyone was ready for a night trek, there was only one answer.

We started our trek of about 6 Kms and it got harder and harder as it went on. It was hard rocky uneven path with steep climbs. We could understand the usefulness of the conditioning camps that were provided to us, which at the first place we had cursed and hated with all our might. The numerous calls of the last 1 Kms, the “Balu fear” which kept us in a huddle, the halts to drink cold water from the streams, the songs that exceeded the desirable decibel levels from one of our friends and the trek with the moon and stars above our heads were the main reminisces of that night trek.

Everyone was exhausted on reaching the base camp. We set out our tents and took dinner and tomato soup. Talking about dinner the plain rice and the dal curry never tasted better. The temperatures were freezing outside and everyone was twisting and turning inside our tents. It was a tight to sleep situation rather than a sleep tight situation that we were accustomed to. Our exhaustion made us forget the chill and also thanks to the sleeping bags and the tents we had carried.

On the onset of the next day we were ready to take up on the next part of our trip. The steep climb to the Manimahesh lake and getting a glimpse of the sacred Kailash peak.

Manimahesh lake is the venue of a highly revered pilgrimage trek undertaken during the month of August and September and Kailash peak is refered to as one of the seven abodes of Lord Shiva.

After taking our breakfast which included tasty noodles and a cup of tea, we started our climb. We slowly went through all the twists and turns of a more than 450 climb.12091249_960797810644164_8242326955864220319_o

We stopped at many intervals to take a breather and get in some fluids and snacks. We didn’t forget to snap up the picturesque of the beauty in front of us and the usual poses for the photo albums, cover pics, dps , blah blah blahhh….12068889_960795333977745_8712286642614008916_o

It will will be injustice not to mention a guest who came in to our group from our base camp and accompanied us throughout our journey up and down. A dog whom we named “Rambo”. ‘Yes the Silvester Stallone one if you’re wondering’. The most difficult part of our trek was when we encountered a patch of ice which seemed to have been trapped in between two huge chunks of rocks, many of us slipped in this portion and the portion seemed highly unstable. Our doubts were proven right as when we returned we saw that a portion of it had collapsed.12068871_960796807310931_1554051612906547800_o

On reaching Manimahesh lake we were met by a cold breeze. We were taken by the calmness and serenity of the place. I can’t quote purity as one of the virtues as plastic bottles and covers lay scattered all over the place, left there by the pilgrims or tourists who were there before us.12106938_960782387312373_7447026988011573700_n


Even though the lake was our final destination, 6 of us were ready to notch up it a bit further up to touch the snow and have some fun with ice. We climbed up 1 Km further against the warnings from our guide.

After taking some rest we started our descent. It was not as easy as we had hoped for. We had to use every single strand of our leg muscles so as to keep up with steep down gradient and not to stumble. On reaching the base camp I could feel each and every muscles in my legs aching.10733733_960798570644088_4979278997003660535_o

To add to all this there was some late drama as one amongst us forgot his camera during the return and it was luckily retrieved and returned by some other groups who were behind us.

To add to all that there was a camp fire at the base camp site, for which we ourselves had to bring in wood and it was fun. There were rounds of ‘anthakshari’ some chit chat and lots of fun.

12015093_960782330645712_879460856014609817_o (1)

On our final day morning we left our base camp and set foot to reach our truck. We were astonished to see the paths we covered during our night treks the other day. It was very rocky and hard part and to add to all that many small landslides seemed to have occurred after we took that path two days ago. Apart from this on the other side we were left with gaping mouths with the shear beauty of the places, nature was at all its bounty. We missed a curve during our way back to the truck and had to cover an extra 1 Km around our original path, and this stretch welcomed us with more scenic places and a beautifull wooden bridge.12120147_960790727311539_1409960502881341520_o

We finally climbed into our truck and bid adieu to the beauty behind us. Our travellers were a one and a half hour distance from there. In between that journey we stopped to say good byes to our guide and our master chef ( I seriously doubt whether the guy knows to cook anything other than plain rice, dal and magi), he plucked some fruits from his home and gave it to us, which tasted like sweet. I don’t remember the name of the fruit though. We waved at him with a full stomach and heart. On reaching the bridge we found that the temporary path was still under construction. We had to again move on the wooden plank, but this time no one felt any fear after what we’ve been through, it was just a walk in the park.

We climbed into our respective vehicles and made our way back to IITR. It was a trip to remember for all of us and a great experience facing many difficulties.

For others those 3 days might have went as usual: to get up from bed, take food, watsapp, facebook and a lot of time spend in front of their laptops. But for us it was knowing ourselves, pushing our limits, making new friends, learning things, facing hardships and finally taking on the adventure called life.

Once upon a time in an exam hall

I had never felt that confident before walking in for an exam. I went up the steps to the main block of my college and made my way towards the department block. Some of my friends were sitting around trees in a late attempt to mug up all they could before the exam started. There were people walking with their eyes fixed on their books. I felt pity for them, they had all the time in the world to study and all they could do was to run around on the morning, with books in their hands and a panic struck look on their faces. They were byhearting lessons at such frantic pace, at which no one was even sure whether they would be able to reproduce in their answer sheets. I was walking with an aura of calmness around me which on any other exam day would have been a scarce commodity.

I was the first one to enter the exam hall. I took my seat and with certain composure sat there waiting for the exam to get started. Slowly the hall started to get filled and at 9.45 a.m. the invigilator made his way into the exam hall.

Once the question paper was handed out, I went through it to make sure that I knew the answers to all the questions. Once I was finished with that, the first thing I did was to look back to see what my roommate was doing. He was sitting there staring at me without any clue. I was in a state of oblivion.


It was going to be the first exam in my B-tech life. I was looking forward to getting good marks, and at the same time was slightly tensed. The eight of us had planned for a combined study and within an hour, everybody felt spent. No one could have studied even a word for the next few hours. It wasn’t due to our reluctance to study but a sudden shift from our enjoyable college life to the tension of the exams, which made us feel a sense of relenting desire towards our studies.

Suddenly a plan kicked into somebodies head. We planned to visit Kovalam beach which was a famous tourist attraction and was just around 15 kilometres from our college. We planned to return by evening and start afresh with a clear mind and a fresh brain. Without much delay, we left for our destination.

We went down the hill from the bus stand to the beach. The first glimpse of the famous beach was so enchanting. The sun, the sea which stretched as far as your eyes could see. The line of shops selling artistries, the food courts, the street vendors and the beer parlours. The golden sand which was sandwiched between the endless ocean and the line of shops, the scenery was as picturesque as it could get.

We got into the water pulled each other into it, fought against the waves and swam along with it. After our cameo with the sea, we went to the light house and climbed on top of it. The view from there was enthralling; you could see the end of the world from there, the water, the waves, the huge ship, the rocks, the setting sun which was imparting an orange colour to the backdrop. It all looked so beautiful.

Everyone had lost count of the time. Each one of us wanted to stay there a bit longer. I think it was due to the escapist mentality that we shared. If we went back early, we would be back into the boring stressful life with the books and the exams. Each of us wanted to be away from it and enjoy life.

By the time we reached our hostel, nightfall was already upon us. The thought of the exam slowly crept back to our heads on our way back.

Once we reached our rooms, everyone was back to ground zero. No one had learned much and was feeling exhausted. Though each one of us had a good time, the thought of the exam and a perpetual disaster on our hands rocked us to the core.

I took rest for some time and it was around 9.00 p.m. when I was getting ready to start my fight with the books. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. When I opened it I saw the other guys from that day’s adventure at my door. I asked them to get inside. I was in a state of limbo, I thought “what now, they have already put the exam in jeopardy”. One of the guys started speaking for the group.

He said “we have a plan”

It was that word again “plan”. I wanted to kick them out of my room. I controlled my angst to safeguard my dignity and with all the politeness that I could muster up asked “what now”.

He replied “we are going to make a phone call to the teacher”

I almost shouted “what!!”

They were going to call the teachers. The subject was taken by three teachers for the eight of us who belonged to three different departments. So they would call all the three of them, give some good excuse for not being able to study and get their sympathy along with the questions”

I said “no! This is completely wrong. What if we are caught?”

He replied “no one is going to know about this, don’t worry it will be as natural as it could be”

It was a question of marks, CGPA and the dignity in front of my other class mates in one hand and the march towards a certain doom on the other. My fear about failure in the first ever exam I was taking in my graduation life made me stick with the former.

We carried out the mission with utmost secrecy. There were two guys patrolling the corridor and whenever the noise inside the room would exceed detectable decibel levels we would hear two knocks on the door followed by a cough. One guy sat on the table with a book and a pen to note down the questions.

Finally, the call was made. I felt like the cliché ‘pin drop silence’ had never made into my life before that particular moment. I could hear the heartbeat of the others in that room. It was very calm and quiet.

I was staring at the guy with the phone. I saw his eyes go wide at a particular moment and he started talking. After some initial friendly exchanges, he was talking business. He talked about his sister’s marriage and that he had returned only a while before. He said he was feeling tensed and couldn’t study. Finally to get the impression of a studious boy he bluffed about going through the portions and covering it once some days before. He said he didn’t have the time to go through the entire portion all over again and if the teacher would be kind enough to refer some important sections.

I was passively looking at him. I was taken by the ease at which he was making up those stories and the tone in his voice would have even made a stone weep.

The teacher gave into this and he gave us some important sections for the exams, he even asked him to study some particular question. Before hanging up, he didn’t even forget to give him courage and some advice about not keeping things late like this.

The same thing happened with the other two teachers’ and to our surprise, every question was a hundred percent match.

We were certain that all these questions were part of the question paper and decided to study only those questions. We even made plans to knowingly commit mistakes at different parts and omit some answers so as the teachers won’t have any doubts.

That day I had the most peaceful sleep on the night before my exams.


Well, to say the least, it felt like the teachers had gang raped us. The questions that they gave to us seemed to be from a different world. It seemed like they referred the sections which they had omitted from the question paper. I felt ashamed of my immaturity to be drawn into such a situation. Above all, I was feeling ashamed of the marks that I was going to get. I wrote whatever came to my mind, I looked at my roommate and all he could do was to smile at me.

I sat there gazing through the window, looked at the birds the flowers and people walking by. I never knew the number of trees that was visible through the windows before that day. I calculated the no. of revolutions the old fan directly above me was making in a minute during its weak and monotonous motion. The sound made by the fan seemed to be a favourable distraction in the exam hall which was very silent.

I saw some guys asking for extra sheets and some of them copying from other’s paper. I was not in a mental state to escort to anything like that. That day, then and there I made up a decision: ‘I would never in my life try anything like this, I would take any outcome that would come through truthfulness and honesty’. I returned my answer sheet and made my way out of the exam hall as fast as I could. I wanted to get out of sight from the invigilator before he could open my answer sheet and find out the conditions of my answers.


Finally, that day came when the teacher was giving back the answer sheets. I was surprised to find that I made it into double figures and there were people who scored lesser marks than me. One of them to my aid was my roommate who always stood by me and in whom I trusted with more heart from that day on. Everyone was running to the teacher to argue about some differences in mark distribution. I sat there without even opening the answer booklet. Everyone was surprised and confused to see my acquiescence. I was feeling a sense of contrition; this was the result of my dishonest doing. I was ready to face any outcome that would have presented itself in front of me because of this mark.

After all the drama that unravelled at the class it was time for something more dramatic to happen when I reached back to my room. I was astounded to find that one among the eight of us has scored 80 percent marks and almost topped his class.

Well everyone would have taken it in a negative sense and would have beaten him up. But to us, it was a thing to laugh over and get a treat from him. It was a memory that we would laugh over again and again, all throughout our graduation life.

I had many experiences in my college life that were memorable, but nothing can ever stand as tall as this. I am sure that when we see each other after a long time this will be one of the things that would first pop up in our minds.



A usual day:

It was a fine Monday morning and with all displeasure in attending class on start of the week, he was walking towards the class. It would have been a usual week; there would be a countdown to the next holiday or Saturday, the restless wait for the P.E.T hours, the longing to hear the long bell and finally the wait for the last hour on Friday.

There were some children running around, some hanging out with friends boasting about the things they did or functions they attended during the previous weekend. Some of his friends were also standing there and when he was about to enter the class he saw her.

She was the heartthrob of the entire class. Everyone admired her. Each and everyone in the class had a crush on her. His case was less different.

She was coming from the opposite direction and when she reached in front of him; she gave a cute smile and in a moment she took his hands in hers and said ‘I LOVE YOU’. He was awestruck; He didn’t knew what had hit him. He closed his eyes thinking it was a dream and when he opened his eyes praying for it to be true, there she was standing in front of him and smiling at him. Then in a swift motion she walked away.

He was so immature back then; He was studying in ninth standard but had the emotional growth of a 10 year old. He was the only child to his parents so they made him feel like he was still a child. He was so innocent and fragile.

He didn’t know what to do next, he felt rooted to that place, and it felt like everyone in the class was staring at him. He felt like the entire school was directed towards him at that particular moment. He was blushing and couldn’t take away his stare which was rooted to his legs. He slowly walked in and took his seat. His friends teased him and he felt some heavenly feel in that. Even though He acted like he was getting angry with each comment involving him and her, there was some joy he felt deep inside. Every time he saw her, he felt shy. He watched whether she was looking at him or not.


There were many decisions to be taken. First of all how he should reply to her? And after some thoughts he decided to give a greeting card and a flower to show how he felt about her. Then there was the most important problem: she was Christian and he was Hindu!!

He thought about talking to his parents and after thinking about the outcomes decided not to tell them. He felt that there might be some other options and it will come out one day. And then his innocent mind thought of something. He had heard his mother say to his father about somebody eloping with some other guy who was some distant relative of his mother. He can try that He thought ‘I will run away with her’ he said to himself. So the problem was solved. He went to sleep that night with lot of plans for the next day. His eyes etched to see her. That was the best night He ever had until that day.


He woke up early that day. Or it should be said that his restlessness woke him up. He got ready for school earlier than usual and in the process he reduced the size of the soap to half and half emptied the cutticura talc tin.

He sat there waiting for her, and the time He spent there waiting for her, he felt like he was in the middle of a carnival. He could feel the excitement, he could feel the beat, he could feel the build-up and the wait for the moment. The bell for first hour rang and there was no sign of her. He felt heartbroken and it seemed like she was absent for the day. With the second bell He was half dead. Then suddenly she came in with the teacher for the next hour giving some excuse to the class teacher. It was like life was suddenly pumped into his soul. He stared at her noticing if she would look at him but she didn’t. ‘She must be shy’ he said to himself giving a wry smile.

That whole day he spent looking at her. He didn’t hear a single word that was said in the class that day. He was waiting for the class to end and when it ended he felt his heart throbbing at a very frantic pace. He noticed that she was getting ready to leave. He called her, she turned around and gave a cute smile and He could feel the world was so full of music and colour. He shyly said “about the thing you said yesterday morning”. Before He could complete, she interrupted and said” oh! Sorry I didn’t talk to you after that it didn’t mean anything it was just to win a bet”. He smiled vaguely and said “ok then bye”. She turned around and left.

He was alone there in that class of IX-B. He didn’t know how much time he stood there. After he was able to feel his senses he made his way out of school. There was a huge pond nearby, he went there and sat there. He tried to control his tears but after a struggle it just broke out. He cried and cried and cried. Then He opened his bag and took out the card, He tore it into pieces and threw it in the pond. Then He searched for the flower and found it crushed between his books, he felt pity for it and felt pity for his heart which was crushed more than the flower….


Humans were meant to be social and the tag social being is related only with man. But there are times and events throughout history, that had made mockery of the tag.

The IIT’s boast’s nurturing the most advanced brains and minds of the country. But what I saw in here was too disturbing. I was prejudistic to think that everyone was equal and it would be the best minds in the country. But the elections which were held for various posts for the Students Affairs Council(SAC) showcased a whole different story. The premier institution which stands out for its infrastructure and the quality of education was found to be having students who were still in an Indian society of the 1920s.

He can only decide to vote by looking into the caste or region that the candidate belongs to. Votes were split on the basis of region,religion and even caste. The last one out of the three stands out as the most ironic part. I was made to believe that caste discrimination and problems related with these doesn’t exist in the country. But we found that some groups were banking on the people of their castes and people with their surnames or any castes of the same type or groups from the same region to support them.

The younger generation of our country is having the aforementioned mentality and we are the future of our country. What will happen to this lovely nation if all these blackness still remains in the heart of this generation? Time to take an astronomical leap from all this mentality has already passed. But still we are clinging on this! Why?

We cannot complain much as we are in a country where the admission system gives more weightage to the caste you belong to rather than your credentials. And when you apply for a job the first thing that you have to fill in is your caste and your religion. There is no wonder that the society still likes to hang on to the caste system.

We live in a society where our sisters are burned to death for loving someone out of their caste. Every religion preaches to love your fellow beings. No god has ever told to give death sentences to anybody you wish. It’s the person who resorts to such atrocious behaviour, who should be beaten to death.

It is not the religion or caste that you were born into that makes you a better person but it’s your deeds and the ideologies that you follow. Nothing can be altered in a single day, but you can start now to have a better tomorrow.

I was born as a human being and anyone who believes in this belongs to my religion.


When you go for a train journey in India you are bound to meet all kinds of people, sometimes you may have company of friendly people but sometimes there may be people who will make you curse yourself for choosing the train and day of travel. In this blog I am going to narrate some incidents involving the latter kind.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————–            The temperatures are unforgiving at this time of the year during mid may in most parts of northern India. The train started at around 9.30 am from Delhi. It was too hot inside that you couldn’t even touch the insides of the compartment as it was hot as a frying pan. I cursed the Indian railway for not having more air conditioned compartments.

            The train was almost empty till it reached Agra except for the few passengers including me. At Agra a bunch of people got inside the train, they were a group returning after their tour of North India. There was a complete sense of pandemonium in the train compartment. I tried to befriend some of them but none of them seemed interested. I felt harshly rejected and adding to all this there was a lot of noise inside the train, so I decided to stay to myself and my berth. I had brought a book at Delhi railway station ‘The White Tiger’ by Aravind Adiga. I realised that this book will be my only companion till I reach my destination.

            On the second day of my journey another family got into the train from Kalyan railway station. They didn’t have confirmed tickets and were having a waitlisted status. They had no other option as they had to attend some function on that day evening. They occupied seats randomly in the compartment. The family who were already there didn’t like these even though it was for some hours during the day. They started arguing about their seats and a war of words broke out between these two groups. The compartment which was noisy got noisier.

            At this moment I noticed four young men of about my age on the side berths. They seemed to have problems in hearing and talking. It was like this impairment has been a blessing for them on that particular day. I felt like these guys were the happiest people in the world at that time. They were in a world of their own, without knowing what was happening around them. They were communicating in sign language smiling laughing and enjoying their time. While I was lost in my thoughts and was staring at them one of them looked up towards me. I smiled at him and he returned a polite smile. I doubt what he saw in my eyes, was it sympathy towards their impairment or was it jealousy for having such a wonderful time in that hell of a situation.

            People now a day’s live in a small world they build around themselves which only includes their family. Nobody cares what happens to the others and what if they were a bit caring towards them. Nobody thinks in somebody else’s perspective, it’s all about he himself.

 The two day’s journey was so tiring both physically and mentally and the only good thing about the trip was that I completed reading the book ‘The White Tiger’, and like the lead character sets up his start up in the end of the book, I realised that for setting up great things you have to start from small things and led into starting this blog.

            Thanks to Balram Halwai ‘The White Tiger’.

Hello world!

This is my very first post. I wanted to do this a long time ago, this is just a small step towards a far greater aim. Hope you all will be with me with all your love and support.



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